Video of me presenting at the 2014 Duke University Energy Research Collaboration Workshop

Earlier this month I participated in the 2014 Duke University Energy Research Collaboration Workshop, which was sponsored by the Duke University Energy Initiative and open to Duke University faculty, research staff, and their students interested in energy. The presentations focused on recent energy-related research by Duke faculty, staff and students. I was part of session focused on the a behavioral science behind energy decisions. The structure of this session was:

  1. “Do Stated Preference Surveys Predict Actual Adoption of Cleaner Cook Stoves?,” Marc Jeuland, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, and Faculty Affiliate, Duke Global Health Institute
  2. Panel on Individual Energy and Environment Behavior
    1. “Political Ideology Affects Energy-efficiency Attitudes and Choices,” Rick Larrick, Michael W. Krzyzewski University Professor in Leadership, Professor of Management
    2. “Redesigning the Fuel Economy Label Affects Intention to Purchase Efficient Vehicles,” Adrian Camilleri, Postdoctoral Associate
    3. “Solution Aversion — The Case of Climate Change,” Troy Campbell, Marketing Ph.D Student
    4. “Belief Superiority in the Environmental Domain: Attitude Extremity and Reactions to Fracking in North Carolina,” Kaitlin Toner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Vanderbilt University

The presentations were all recorded. My presentation begins at 22:44.