I have several years of experience teaching university students at all degree levels, with a specialisation in consumer behaviour and research methods. The subjects that I coordinate have a strong applied flavour and have received very positive teaching evaluations.

Undergraduate Students

  • Consumer Behaviour (2018-present). I am the course coordinator and lecturer for this second-year subject.
  • Market Research (2014-2017; 2022): I was the course coordinator and lecturer for this second-year subject, which included students based in Sydney, Melbourne, Vietnam, and Singapore.
  • Business Statistics (2018). I was a lecturer for this first-year subject.

Postgraduate Students

  • Buyer Behaviour (2019; 2021; 2022; 2023). I have been a lecturer for this first-year subject and took over as course coordinator in 2023.
  • Choice Architecture (2021-present): I designed and am the course coordinator and lecturer for this second-year subject.

Higher Degree Research Students

  • Nathan Moore: PhD student (2023-present): “Promoting Eco-Friendly Purchases through Personalised Nudges”. Supervision team includes Ben Newell.
  • Ella Bruce: PhD student (2018-2023): “Because Someone Told me so: An Investigation into the Effects of Online and Offline Social Influences on Decision Making and Attitudes”. Supervision team included Christine Eckert and Francois Carrillat.
  • Ashleigh Powell (née Druce): PhD student (2015-2020): “Psychosocial and contextual determinants of word-of-mouth transmission”. Supervision team included Angela Dobele and Con Stavros.

Interested potential PhD students should consult my research interests page and then contact me about a potential topic. Please note that I exclusively supervise research projects with experiments as the primary research approach.