This page lists some popular articles I have written that are easily digestible in just a few minutes.

  1. Camilleri, A. R. (November, 2022). Spending too much money? Tempted by sales? These ways to ‘hack’ your psychology can help. The Conversation. [PDF]
  2. Camilleri, A. R. (January, 2022). How COVID-19 changed the way we shop – and what to expect in 2022 and beyond. The Conversation. [PDF]
  3. Camilleri, A. R. (February, 2021). I asked hundreds of people about their biggest life decisions. Here’s what I learned. The Conversation. [PDF]
  4. Camilleri, A. R. (November, 2020). How to choose the right Christmas gift: tips from psychological research. The Conversation. [PDF]
  5. Camilleri, A. R. & Chan, E. Y. (May, 2020). Can’t resist splurging on online shopping? Here’s why. The Conversation. [PDF]
  6. Camilleri, A. R. (August, 2019). How to spot a fake review: You’re probably worse at it than you realise. The Conversation. [PDF]
  7. Camilleri, A. R., Patino-Echeverri, D., & Larrick, R. P. (December, 2018). What’s your beef? How ‘carbon labels’ can steer us towards environmentally friendly food choicesThe Conversation. [PDF]
  8. Camilleri, A. R. (March, 2018). How companies can make more money by allowing you to ‘pay as you want’The Conversation. [PDF]
  9. Hoffmann, R. & Camilleri, A. R. (October, 2017). Explainer: how our understanding of risk is changingThe Conversation. [PDF]
  10. Camilleri, A. R., Weber, E. U., Johnson, E. J., & Larrick, R. P. (April, 2017). Can we design a better fuel economy label? The Conversation. [PDF]
  11. Camilleri, A. R. (April, 2017). How to split the good from the bad in online reviews and ratings. The Conversation. [PDF]
  12. Camilleri, A. R. (July, 2016). Overconfidence is responsible for a lot of mistakes, here’s how to avoid it. The Conversation. [PDF]
  13. Camilleri, A. R. (April, 2015). Information design: How marketers ‘construct’ consumer preferences. Australian Marketing Magazine (pp. 30-31). [PDF]