Excited to start a new position at the University of Technology Sydney

Today I started my new position as a senior lecturer of consumer psychology in the marketing department of the University of Technology Sydney. My new office is located in the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building,  pictured in the background, which was designed by master-architect  Frank Gehry. The building’s design is based on the idea of a tree-house structure but looks to me from a distance a bit like a collapsing cardboard box. I find it much more impressive up close.

I was very quickly set up with my new ID card, new laptop (Dell), and invitation to lunch (dumplings). I was excited to get the keys to my new office, which has lovely views of the city and a perfect window sill from which to gaze upon it. Interestingly, my office was fitted with two desks and I was told to choose one and the other would be removed. I find decisions like these – that is, permanent ones – daunting. I must admit that the (arguably) trivial decision had me stumped for much of the day as I systematically (and, likely, comically) shifted my chair back-and-forth repeatedly during the day. I even called in some experts for their opinion. I’m sure it’s a tough decision only because there is no bad option.

I’m ready to to get stuck into work and hope that 2018 is a productive one.