Hosted the 2022 UTS Behavioural Lab Conference

Last week the UTS Business School, in partnership with the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists (GAABS), hosted the 2022 UTS Behavioural Lab Conference. What brought together the ~75 people in the room was a shared interest and expertise in behavioural science and the belief that the people in the room – from academia, industry, and government – could together leverage that interest and expertise to potentially change the world in some way.

I was quite pleased with the program we put together, which you can check out here.

I want to thank Prof. Carl Rhodes, dean of the UTS Business School, for opening the conference and providing the vision behind the event.

I want to thank Nathalie Spencer, Chapter Lead of GAABS Asia-Pacific, for being a champion for the event.

I want to thank our keynote speakers, Prof. Loretti Isabella Dobrescu (UNSW), Prof. Rebekah Russell-Bennett (QUT), Prof. Ben Newell (UNSW), and William R. Mailer (CBA), for sharing their experience and wisdom.

My contribution was relegated to virtual after contracting COVID

I want to thank our UTS Behavioural Lab speakers from the Economics UTS department: A/Prof. David Goldbaum, A/Prof. Jun Zhang, Dr Elif Incekara-Hafalir, Dr Nathan Kettlewell, and Maximilian Reisner.

I want to thank our UTS Behavioural Lab speakers from the UTS Marketing department: A/Prof. Natalina Zlatevska, Dr Geetanjali Saluja, Dr TaeWoo Kim, Dr Jake An, and Aimee Smith.

I want to thank Dr Elif Incekara-Hafalir Incekara Hafalir, Deputy Director of the UTS Behavioural Lab, who co-organised the event with me and took the lead on the day after I had to bow out due to illness.

Finally, I want to thank the administrative support we got from the UTS Business Research Office, particularly from Candice Gouck who designed an amazing program.

It was a great event and I hope we’ll be able to do something together again next year.