New article out on how people underestimate the carbon footprint of foods

After ~5 years of effort, my collaborators (Richard Larrick, Shajuti Hossain, and Dalia Patino-Echeverri ) and I have published some really interesting research today in Nature Climate Change.

The take away from this research is in the title: “Consumers underestimate the emissions associated with food but are aided by labels”. You can read the paper here (or here if you want to avoid the paywall).

We also put together a nice summary that was published in The Conversation, titled: “What’s your beef? How ‘carbon labels’ can steer us towards environmentally friendly food choices”, which you can read here. It was also republished on,, and

Duke University put together a nice summary, including a video of Rick explaining the main takeaway from the research, which you can see here. There was also an article from, GizmodoThe University, and

There was also a very nice commentary on our research by Michael P. Vandenbergh & Kristian Steensen Nielsen titled, “Consumer Perceptions: From myths to action”, which you can read about here.

One of the fun things the journal asked us to do was write a blog post describing the “Behind the Scenes” – basically, the background on how this project came to be. I think this interdisciplinary research team has a great story, which you can read about here.

Since the research came out, I have done a couple of interviews that have been really fun. You can listen to one of them here.

So… What will you be having for dinner tonight?