In Sydney to present at the annual meeting of the Australia/NZ Marketing Academy

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.59.22 pmThis week I travel back to beautiful Sydney (where I lived for 25 years!) to present at the 2015 meeting of the Australia New Zealand Marketing Academy, which is being hosted by my alma mater, UNSW.

My talk is called “Probability-Based Loyalty Programs Increase Motivation”, which is work done together with my collaborators, Prof. Liyin Jin and Prof. Ying Zhang. My talk is 11.40am on Monday 30 November in room MAT102. This room is one that I spent many hours in during my undergraduate studies listening to lectures, and it will give me a kick to come back to that space and now give a lecture myself.

I am also very excited to see my Phd student, Ash Powell, give her first academic talk. Her talk is called “Psycosocial and Contextual Determinants of Word-of-Mouth Transmission: A Conceptual Framework”, which is work done together with Angela Dobele and Con Stavros. She is speaking at 12:00pm on Tuesday 1 December in room MAT112.