My piece on “Information Design” came out this month in Marketing Magazine

2015-04-29 Marketing MagazineRMIT is a content partner of Australia’s Marketing Magazine. I jumped at the opportunity to write a piece on “Information Design”. My article is titled “How marketers construct ‘consumer’ preferences” and came out in the April/May edition, which is now on the shelves. In the piece, I discuss examples of great information design from industry and research (including some of my own).

You can read the online version of the article at the Marketing Magazine (link). I also filmed a short video, to be added to the premium content part of the website, where I further discuss the concept of information design (link).

In reflection, it was a great opportunity to write something for a non-academic audience. This required stepping back and considering the practical implications of the research I read and think about everyday. Such practical implications are often overlooked amidst a world of editors seeking research with theoretical implications. It was also a challenge to clearly and succinctly describe my thoughts in front of a camera but the resulting film was well worth the effort.