In Cairns to present at the Australian Council for the Arts Marketing Summit

It was a delight to receive a call from Celia Pavelieff, the Marketing Manager at the Australia Council for the Arts, inviting me to fly up to beautiful Cairns this week to present a plenary session at the Australian Council for the Arts 2015 Marketing Summit. The two-day event is themed “Audiences: yours, mine, ours”, which represents the work that arts marketers have done, are doing, and aspire to do.

My talk, which is on at 2pm on Tuesday June 2nd at the Tanks Arts Centre, is about the psychology of consumer choice with a focus on how content goes viral. Putting together the talk took a lot of time and involved re-watching all of my most favourite YouTube and TED videos. It’s great to have the opportunity to present some of the work of psychology and behavioural economists to such a group of dedicated practitioners. My talk will eventually be uploaded (link forthcoming).