New paper out on measuring the perceived benefits of sharing content

This week I am happy to report that my PhD student, Ashleigh Powell, whom I co-supervise with Angela Dobele and Con Stavros, published her first paper, “Developing a scale for the perceived social benefits of sharing“.

The perceived social benefit of sharing scale (PBSS) can be used to measure the benefits people perceive in sharing content online (e.g., when someone posts an article on their Facebook page). The scale items are:

  • Sharing the story would improve my social status
  • Sharing the story would help me fit in
  • Sharing the story would benefit my relationships with others
  • Sharing the story would help me define myself
  • I feel I will gain approval if I share the story
  • I feel that sharing the story would benefit me
  • Sharing the story will make me look good
  • Sharing the story would help me communicate my self-identity
  • Sharing the story would make me feel part of a community

Watch this space for future work by Ashleigh that helps reveal why people share content online.