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A new video on choice architecture and translated attributes

This is my first video summarizing the general topic of “choice architecture” followed by some specific examples in my own research with translating attributes.  [transcript] You can read about one of the papers mentioned in the video here: Camilleri, A. R. & Larrick, R. P. (2014). Metric and scale design as choice architecture tools. Journal of Public Policy …

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In Boston to attend a workshop evaluating the energy efficiency gap

The energy efficiency gap refers to the difference between the optimal and actual level of energy consumption. Why don’t people invest in energy saving initiatives when it would benefit both the individual and society? I’m attending a research workshop conducted by the Duke University Energy Initiative and the Harvard Environmental Economics Program at the Harvard Kennedy …

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Traveled to DC to speak with the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality

Together with Rick Larrick and Christoph Ungemach, I traveled to DC earlier this month to speak to members of the EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality.  We specifically got to meet the team who designed the new US fuel economy label: We got to present our work to the whole team, including Sarah Froman, Lisa Snapp, Nicole Meyer, Amy …

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Awarded the America Australia Association Fellowship

After braving the America Australia Association panel, which included two former chief scientists of Australia, I have been awarded an American Australian Fellowship to continue my postdoctoral work at Duke. The fellowship is generously sponsored by the Alcoa Foundation. You can read about my fellow fellows here. Memorably, I met the panel after traveling more than …

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Heading to Boston next week for the 2013 Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference

I’ll be heading to Boston next week for the 2013 Summer Marketing Educators’ Conference. There will be a lot of interviewing! Hope to see you there 🙂

New paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing

Rick Larrick and I have put together an interesting paper called “Scale and metric design as choice architecture tools”, which is forthcoming in the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. Here is the abstract: There has been a growing interest in using behavioral decision insights to design better product labels. One specific policy target is the fuel economy …

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Giving two talks on translated attributes at the 2013 Marketing & Public Policy Conference in Washington DC

I will be presenting two talks at the Marketing & Public Policy Conference 2013, which is being held in downtown Washington DC between May 30th and June 1st. The first presentation  – Translated Attributes as a Choice Architecture Tool: Trick & Treat – will be part of the session “004. Consumer Responses to How Product Attributes …

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Presenting poster at APS meeting in Washington DC on the DE gap in older adults

Together with Dr. Anna McCarrey, I will be presenting a poster called “The description-experience choice gap is attenuated in older adults” at the 25th APS Annual Convention, May 23-26, 2013 at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., USA. You’ll be able to find us at: Poster Session XV 5/26/2013; 10:00 AM-11:00 AM APS Exhibit Hall …

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Heading to Sydney to give a tour of talks about translated attributes at UNSW, USYD, and UTS.

I will be heading to Sydney in the final week of February and will give a number of repeated talks summarizing the work that I have been part of related to the effect of presenting translated attributes on choice.   You can catch me at any of the following: 2013/02/25: University of Technology, Sydney (marketing group): 2:30pm-4:00pm; Seminar Room, Level …

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Paper examining whether the description-experience gap occurs in the “long run” accepted for publication in Cognition

It has been nearly 2 years since Ben Newell and I started working this paper, and we are now very pleased to have received the news that it will be published in Cognition later this year. The paper is titled: “Does the description-experience gap occur in the long run?”. I will post the paper on the publications …

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